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 When to Break Up!

Solves Dozens of Problems and Questions Single Men and Women of All Ages Have About Ending a Bad Relationship


How to know when its time to break up and call it quits

This exciting new book provides the information you need about how to easily get over and survive a split. When to Break Up! will take you step by step through the process of ending the relationship you’re in right now, with a person that makes you absolutely miserable!

When to Break Up - How to Call it Quits on a Dead End Relationship Helps you get into your head and figure out what you were thinking, and why you chose this loser to date.
When to Break Up - How to Call it Quits on a Dead End Relationship Guides you to understand what you are feeling and how to handle the conflicting emotions you will experience before, during and after the break up.
When to Break Up - How to Kick a Loser to the Curb Ways to get control of the doubts and fears that may be holding you back from doing you know know you gotta do!
When to Break Up - How to Get Over Your Boyfriend and Survive A Breakup A top 20 favorite excuses singles use to stay Stuck on Stupid when they Can’t Get Off Dumb about their unhealthy, unsatisfying relationship.
When to Break Up - How to Say its over How to prevent a broken heart next time around! The 75 loser behaviors that mandate Instant Termination — this list is GOLDEN!

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When to Break Up - How to Dump a Girl Can’t decide if breaking up is the right thing to do? This book provides you with 25 questions to ask yourself if its worth working things out or not.
When to Break Up - How to End A Relationship Choosing the best method to break up! When to Break Up! provides you with more than a dozen ways to call it quits that make moving on smooth and easy!
When to Break Up - How to Dump Your Girlfriend Thirty of the absolute best lines and excuses! From slick player lines to sincere and earnest, you’ll never have to wonder what you should say or how to say it ever again!
When to Break Up - How to Dump Your Girlfriend Don’t get stuck in the trap of break up to make up! Specific instructions for how to handle yourself and your ex the tough First 90 Days after you split.
When to Break Up - How to Dump Your Boyfriend The Seven Step Catch & Release Program that helps you close the door to the past for good and move on to the happiness you deserve!


When Dumping Your S/O
is Looking Better and Better,
When to Break Up!

Will Help You Make It Happen

Advice columnist Deborrah Cooper, has penned the definitive “how to” guide on getting out and getting on. When to Break Up! answers dozens of your questions about when and how to break off a go-nowhere relationship as easy as 1-2-3!

Stop wasting time trying to “make it work” with someone that isn’t your Mr. or Ms. Right. When to Break Up! helps you stop spinning your wheels with losers so you can find the loving partner you were meant to be with.

 when to break up its time to call it quits breaking it off break up with my boyfriend

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I Knew It Was Time to Break Up When…


Coming May 2013



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